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Business Planning Pricing

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Packages Components Classic Premium Gold Platinum
Deliverables Pitch Pitch
+ Calculation sheet
+ Business plan doc file
+ Calculation sheet
+ Business Plan Doc file
+ Calculation sheet
+ Plan Doc file
+ Valuation sheet
Executive summary
Requirement / Solution
Company Overview
Products and services
Business Model
Opearation model
Market research (Industry analysis)
Market research (Opportunity analysis)
Market research (Competitor analysis)
SWOT analysis
Marketing strategy
Opearations strategy
Management structure
Milestones and timelines
Financial section 3 years projections 3 years projections 5 years projections 5 years projection
Risks and mitigation
Investment plan (ROI)
Investor Deck Additional INR 2,000/- Additional INR 2000/-
Price INR 18,000/- (240 USD) INR 36,000/- (480 USD) INR 46,000/- (613 USD) INR 54,000/- (712 USD)


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