How to write the financial section of a business plan?

The financial plan for startup business is crucial, as that’s how you are getting the attention of more investors. That means the financial plan needs to be solid and to show the right amount of value that people can get in the long run. Once you have that, it will just make things a whole lot easier and more convenient in the end every time.

Studying the expenses

Every example of simple business plan will shows you that you need to study the business expenses at first. That means studying the business registration fees, business permits and licensing, rent deposits, utility setup fees, starting inventory and the down payments for the property and equipment.

Of course, this is just the beginning and it can increase based on your business requirements and other factors similar to that. The operating expenses can also be included; these are salaries, mortgage or rent, utilities, telecom expenses, storage, promotion, distribution, raw materials, utilities, office supplies and maintenance. Monitor these costs so you know exactly what results you can expect.

Income statement

The income statement includes your revenue, expenses and profit. You will need to generate a monthly income statement. In case you have a product based business, it will look different when compared to a service based company. Yet you still need an income statement regardless of your business, so try to keep that in mind.

Cashflow projection

Your financial business plan template also needs to show how cash will flow in your business. The investors will look here to see if there are any business risks, as that’s extremely important for them most of the time. In addition, you also want to cash disbursements, revenues and the reconciliation of cash revenues.

Balance sheet

Lastly, you also want to have the balance sheet ready. This balance sheet is needed because it reports the net worth of your business at any given time. It also delivers a good summary about the financial data when it comes to assets, liabilities, equity and many others. A very good idea is to create a pro forma balance sheet for the business plan. This will help include the cashflow projections and income statement. You will usually need to create a balance sheet once per year. So it makes sense to study the financial business plan template and see how it all works.


Creating the best financial plan for business plan is a great way for you to show investors the financials of your business and what they can expect. This is maybe the most important part of your financial plan if you want to acquire investors, since it outlines a lot of extremely important information. Once you do that, it will be easier to assess the situation and ensure that it all works in a proper manner. Understanding how to create a financial plan for your business plan is a very good idea, and it has tremendous benefits coming in the long run!