Gated Communities and Security Systems


Security is one of the primary goal of any residential area. Security is the major features that a gated community provides. So, gated community is a modern form of security in which residential community or housing estate are contained in a closed perimeter of walls and fences and also containing strictly controlled entrances for pedestrians, bicycles, and automoblies.

In my opinion, there are three types of gated communities:

– Lifestyle

– Prestige

– Security zone

Lifestyle is a type of gated community in which it emphasize common amenities and cater to a leisure class with shared interests; may reflect small-town, may be urban villages or resort villages.

Prestige gated community reflect desire for image, privacy and control, they focus on exclusivity over community; few shared facilities and amenities.

Security zone reflect fear; involve retrofitting fences and gates in public streets, controlling access.

In India, the rise in gated community is due to security and how people are now looking for luxurious houses. There are many gated communities in India, they are called colonies in Delhi. Most people who lives in gated communities are either middle-class or upper-class people. Gated communities are common in areas including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and the likes.

Gated community application is a types of software that makes security management system easy and reliable to use and takes safety to it zenith. Gated community application/software helps you manage gated community security needs like entry and exit of visitors, household help, and online delivery personnel. Example of these type of software is My gate application.

MyGate is a mobile-based security management solution for gated premises. It was launched in the market in Bengaluru and aims to revolutionise the safety and make security solutions seamless.


The demand of gated community in India is based on the emphasis I have been talking about since the beginning of the article; security. Most middle-class and upper-class people in India work abroad which means they spend most of there time away from home leaving there parent and there spouse at home.

Naturally, they will want them to be in a secure place, so that will be able to focus on there work, and that is exactly what gated community offers. Most people who work abroad will also want a look alike lifestyle (which means they will love to live the same type of lifestyle in India as they live abroad). Most people will be willing to spend anything just for there comfort, so they feel secure because there is private security and there is an association to take care of all functions of the community.


Due to the poor state of security across societies in india, a man named Vijay Arisetty saw an opportunity and  a way to stop insecurity, so he invented an application called MyGate.

MyGate, a Bangalore-based startup that offers security management and convenience service for guard-gated premises, and today the company has bagged more than $50 million in a new financing round as it looks to expand its footprint in the nation.

MyGate is innovating fast in India, recently MyGate offers an app that allows home residents to approve entries and exits, communicate with their neighbours, log attendance and pay society maintenance bills and daily help workers.

MyGate is operational in 11 cities in India and has 1.2 million home customers.

Estimated more than 45 million people in India is living in gated communities, and that figure is growing by 13% each year.


– Digital Gorkha

Estimated annual revenue = $1.5 million

CEO/FOUNDER = Suraj sunder


Estimated annual revenue = $1.7 million

CEO/FOUNDER = San Banerjee

– Apna complex

Estimated annual revenue = $3.4 million

CEO/FOUND = Raja Sekhar