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Business Plan Idea for Industries


If you need a business plan higher success rate, Support Corporate experts can help you with the process of impressing the lenders and investors in any market. Your unique business idea cannot bring fruits until you have a professional business plan for the execution of business operations. Turning your business idea into an executable formal business plan requires expertise and in-depth knowledge of the corporate sector and that’s where Support Corporate offers business plan creation services.

Expert business professionals at Support Corporate work closely with clients in the business plan phase so we can turn your business vision into reality, backed by desired investors and lenders.

Bespoke Business Plans

Our process of business plan writing is straightforward and simple with no ready-made templates or lengthy questionnaires. We minimize the stress for our clients and our expert business plan writers work closely with you to craft a customized business plan to represent the true spirit of your business.

Support Corporate expert business plan writers can help you with:

  • Traditional business plans
  • Business plans tailored for lenders and the investors
  • Business plan for bank loan application
  • Immigration business plans
  • Franchise business plan
  • Business plans for nonprofit

Highest Success Rate in Business Plan Writing Market

Support Corporate is known to have the highest success rate for all types of business plans. We showcase the salient features of your business that make your idea stand out from the crowd. Support Corporate business plan writers understand your long-term and short-term goals. Businesses and startups trust our business plan writing service because we offer:

  • Executive summary to convince the right investors with targeted information and statistics
  • Market details to highlight the route to beat the competition in the existing market
  • Smart mission statement to indicate your position in the market
  • Sales model to represent the future projections
  • Products and services that your business is going to offer
  • Marketing strategies to grow business operations
  • Relevant financial routes and plans to manage the capital and returns
  • Management structure map for investors and the stakeholders

Support Corporate’s Business Plan Services

We are one of the top-rated business consultants, trusted by the local and global markets. The business plan presentation phase is going to determine the future of your company so let’s join forces and let our professional craft a successful business plan for your vision. You don’t need to write your business plan while we are here to help, let us help you and even better offer you consulting and coaching services for your Business process improvement or scaling and starting your new business. Contact us today for further details and discussion.

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Business Plan Pricing

Components of Business Plan Classic Premium Gold Platinum
Deliverables Pitch Pitch
+ Calculation sheet
+ Business plan doc file
+ Calculation sheet
+ Business Plan Doc file
+ Calculation sheet
+ Plan Doc file
+ Valuation sheet
Executive summary
Requirement / Solution
Company Overview
Products and services
Business Model
Opearation model
Market research (Industry analysis)
Market research (Opportunity analysis)
Market research (Competitor analysis)
SWOT analysis
Marketing strategy
Opearations strategy
Management structure
Milestones and timelines
Financial section 3 years projections 3 years projections 5 years projections 5 years projection
Risks and mitigation
Investment plan (ROI)
Investor Deck


Are you starting a new business, or you already have an existing business, or you want to perform Business process improvement? There is no better way of doing that than starting by creating a business plan. A good business plan is the basis of your business. It guides you through the stages of your business and provides you with essential tools for business management.

The Importance Of Having A Business Plan

Strategic roadmap

A business plan is comparable to your company’s roadmap. Using the roadmap, you will know the strategy to use and when to use it. The Plan helps you define the clear road for execution and also allay you to get it right that first time you try it.

You will be ready for investors

Most investors want to know what your business plans are before they invest. With a business plan, you become investor-ready since you would have gone through the preparation and have a plan B option if things go wrong.

Make it easier to communicate

A business plan offers you a chance to communicate better with not only the investors, but allows your staff.

You need ample time to develop a business plan, but at Support Corporate, we will help you create a business tailored to your business needs. We know the importance of a business plan and we don’t just stop there, we offer you step by step business plan guide, business coaching and business consulting services to help you improve your business and increase ROI.

Why Choose Support Corporate?

  • We Get Investors To Notice You
  • We Help You Get It Right In The First Instance
  • Fully Customised Services
  • We Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes And Raise Funds For Your Business
  • You Get A Chance To Work With True Experts
  • Develop A Business Plan With A Winning Strategy
  • Access To Ongoing Support
  • Get Other Services Such As Business Consulting Services And Business Coaching Services.

We make sure the business plan covers the company overview, products and services, financial projections and investments, strategy and execution, management team, market and competitive analysis and operating plan among other things. Yo don’t need to write your business plan while we are here to help, let us help you and even better offer you consulting and coaching services for your Business process improvement or scaling and starting your new business.

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