Project Management Planning


Project Management Planning

Project management plan will document the actions necessary to define, prepare, integrate and coordinate the various planning activates and track the progress accordingly.

Here are the benefits to project management planning you shouldn't be overlooking:

1. An hour spent in planning can save three during execution, It saves execution time

2. Defines the project in details.

3. Establishes the project boundaries, scope and deliverables.

4. Identifies the project management team and the project stakeholders.

5. Indicates the project schedule and major milestones.

6. Establishes baseline plan for schedule, scope and cost.

7. Provides a tracking mechanism against a established baseline

8. Helps in project performance reporting

9. Identifies and establishes communication needs and methods

10. Identifies risks to the project and indicates a response mechanism

11. Establishes a process for implementing changes to project scope, schedule cost, quality and risk.

12. Lists various criteria that the product or service should qualify in order to meet the project objectives

13. Improves monitoring and control of project activities

14. Identifies existing resources and indicates additional requirements to complete the project

15. Provides requirements of funds for various phases of the project


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