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Staff augmentation india +91-9980095660(INDIA)
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Staff augmentation india

HR Outsourcing Companies in Bangalore, India

We at Corporate Business Support Solutions help you to align HR function to business in real and measurable terms. Based on your Business strategy, we will help you develop your overall Competency based People Strategy which integrates and links all the people processes to the final Business Objectives.

We offer value add consulting on all areas of HR. We help company’s asses and define HR processes, which intern will help improve performance and training process of the company and yields best results.

  1. Recruitment – Manpower Planning
  2. Induction & Executive On boarding
  3. Performance Management
  4. Talent Management, Career and Succession Planning
  5. Training needs Analysis
  6. Exit Management
  7. Leadership Mentoring
  8. Employee Engagement
  9. HR Strategy & Action Plans, HR Scorecard
  • We help companies establish a strong employee- employer relationship by writing guidelines/process manual.
  • We help companies achieve efficient utilization of resources, enhance retention, increase performance and thereby maintain cost effectiveness.
Contact us on : 9980095660
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Staff augmentation india
Staff augmentation india